Bathrooms seem to be getting smaller and smaller nowadays, and that’s an unfortunate truth. But even if you have a small bathroom, it doesn’t mean that it has to look small – in fact, with a few ‘tricks,’ you can enhance the illusion of space in your bathroom. Here’s how you can make your bathroom look larger than it really is.

Go for the same hues and colours

Having a dark wall and light-coloured flooring or vice versa may go well with larger bathrooms, but if your bathroom is of a compact size, this is one of the worst ideas you can have. Why? Because the dark combined with the light can ‘chop up’ or ‘break up’ the space, making it look smaller. If you can’t abide colours and hues that are too similar to each other, you can add a visual break with a cupboard or light fixture in a darker hue. In this case, the cupboard or light fixture will become a feature, and all the other elements will blend and mix together.

Unify the space with the same colour

To expand on the concept of the same hues and colours, here’s another idea: why not paint your bathroom ceiling the same colour as your bathroom walls? This will serve to unify the space and make your bathroom appear to expand. The space will look cleaner and more spacious as well. Sometimes you can even paint the ceiling an even lighter shade since ceilings often look darker than bathroom walls, even if they are the same shade.

Another trick would be to blend the colour of your bathroom tiles with the colour of the wall. This way, the space occupied by the shower wouldn’t look like a separate area – it will simply look like one large room. Better yet, you can have a walk in shower installed. Walk in showers are great for emphasising space, because they don’t have ‘solid’ barriers – they are often designed as frameless enclosures with no rails or big metal parts. You can opt for a walk in shower that doesn’t have a shower tray and can instead have tile flooring that is the same as the rest of your bathroom’s flooring; just make sure the drain is placed and installed well.

Install a big mirror

The mirror in your bathroom can also make a big difference. The right mirror can speak volumes, especially if you go for one with a big size. If you have the budget for it, you can install a mirror through the entire length of your vanity wall. Have a mirror that reaches to the ceiling and extends through an entire wall, and you’ll have a bathroom that really looks larger than it is.

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