Many people hire professionals to clean their carpets. Some people do it because they do not have time to clean their carpets on their own and some people do it because they do not know how they can remove the stains and dirt from it. A dirty carpet does not just look bad but it also has bad odor and germs which can be dangerous for the health of all the family members especially kids and people who are already facing any medical problem because they can be fragile. Dust present in a dirty carpet can cause breathing problem and asthma and germs can cause skin allergies.

Most people who hire professional companies do not know what methods the company is going to use to clean their carpets and what methods are there for this task. This article will provide information regarding two most famous and quality carpet cleaning methods.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning can remove at least 70% of germs and dust from the carpet. This method involves hot water with very high temperature. The cleaners put the water on the carpet and leave it there for some time so that the water can loosen up the dust and stains from the carpet. People know that hot water can kill all the germs and bacteria. After some time, the cleaners use vacuuming machine to remove all the dust and dirty water from the carpet. In the end, they use cleaning products like shampoo and soaps to clean the carpet.

Dry cleaning

This method does not require a lot of water. In this method, the cleaners use the carbonation extraction to remove the dust and stains from the carpet. The carbonation bubbles do all the work of removing the stains. The best part is that this method requires too little time for cleaning and after that, the carpet needs only two hours to dry off properly. is providing cleaning with both methods and if you want to get Carpet Cleaning Mississauga these are the people you should hire.

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