Although you should not abuse them, with two or three high stools in a corner of the room complementing, for example, a bar, you will feel like you are in an authentic lounge bar. Automatically. It will give your house a distinguished and elegant touch. An area to relax and socialize. Your guests will be surprised with this original corner inside the house and more than one will not want to leave! And if you also accompany those moments with music, you will be the perfect host.

High bar stools 3 stools 1 bar lounge bar in your own home

If you are one of those who always throw time on you, this is your solution. Having a bar on the wall or an American bar in the kitchen is most practical. It is very important to eat sitting but not forgetting the responsibilities you have to attend. The stool is a piece that will help you solve this problem. Ideal for quick breakfasts before work or improvised dinners before partying. Besides saving time, you also gain space. You can hide them under the bar or keep them in a corner until new use. Great, right?

Having a bar with best bar stools in the kitchen is the best option.

Now you only have to choose the model that best suits your style: choose wood for rustic, Nordic or Bohemian decorations or models in which the metal predominates for industrial or minimalist decorations. You can find a thousand colors, materials and shapes. Do you dare to try?


What type of stool is the one that will be better in the bar of our bar?

From chairs and tables, hotel furniture we tell you what kind of stool is going to be the best will be in the bar of our bar.

As on previous occasions we have commented, the aesthetics of the hotel furniture of our bar is very important. Depending on the decorative style that we have in our bar, it is good to know that visually we are going to be better one type of stool or another, with what we will have to choose with certain taste and criteria so that the decorative style and the whole set of pieces of the furniture that form it are perfect.

There are many options that we have when choosing a type of stool or another, then from hospitality furniture we will make a small list in which we will show you quickly the different oscines you have at the time of Choose a certain type of stool.

One of the first options we propose is the option to choose stools with wood finishes, this type of hospitality furniture can be used in practically all decorative styles, from bars that have a vintage decoration, as in cafes with a decoration the last. We can say that stools with wood finishes depending on the color we choose and the type of stool that is going to adapt to all types of decorations. It is a type of stool that given its material provides a lot of warmth and strength.


Another option we have is the stool and stools in aluminum, steel and wrought iron. This type of hospitality furniture stands out because it will provide our bar with a very elegant aesthetic defined by the sober lines of the furniture.


No less used although it is unusual to bet on stools made of plastic, this type of hospitality furniture is usually used in modern bars, with a somewhat casual decoration. It is also very common to use on terraces. It is important to note that many of these models are designed with structures in wood or metal, so they are more resistant than if they were made entirely in plastic.

Finally, we can have the option to choose our upholstered stools. From hotel furniture we will say that it is another unusual option, but it is true that depending on the needs and style of each bar, it can be a totally appropriate option. Against this type of furniture we have to say that they are difficult to clean and the upholstery with the passage of time we must change it so that its appearance continues as the first day.

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