Are you looking to upgrade your home but you are on a tight budget? Most impactful redecorating can cost much of your savings. There are however some things that you can get done that will give your home a refresh and have your friends and neighbors talking. Here are two that will add elegance but will not shrink your savings.

Put in a Garden

A low cost touch that adds warmth and elegance to the exterior any home is adding a garden to the front or backyard. The right flowers and plants bring color and depth to a home’s exterior making it more sophisticated and opulent. In the front of the home, you can use foliage of different heights and styles to section off your yard and frame your home. In the back yard you can create one or more lush areas that can be used for sitting or entertaining.

Many people are reluctant to try and create gardens because they do not have design skills. They feel their only option is to trust a gardener or designer and after spending lots of money for the service, they may not like what they have paid for.

A better option is to hire a company that specializes in garden planning. UK based Floral and Hardy creates hand drawn images of garden ideas using your actual yard. This way, you know exactly how your garden will look before you commit to having it put in. Once you see and approve it, you can then hire them to create your dream garden knowing that it will look just like the drawings you were shown. Whether you want a small garden with a few varieties of plants and flowers, or a tropical forest, you will see it in advance and be able to make any modifications before you begin putting it in.

Change Your Light Fixtures

One rarely thought about low cost upgrade for your home is to change your light fixtures. For most homes the light fixtures are only coverings for room lighting. They do not play a key role in the decor of a room and mostly are thought to be doing their jobs if they are not noticed. If you look however at the most beautiful rooms in home decor magazines or on interior design websites, the light fixtures always play a prominent role in the beauty of a room.

Light fixtures can augment or contrast with furniture, art, paint and even flooring materials to create a new and fresh look to any room. There are many options including hanging and ceiling lights, track lighting, sconces, chandeliers and lamps and you can include several in the same room to create different lighting moods and styles. To get the right look will likely take some experimenting, so prepare to have some fun with it until you nail the exact look you want. In the end you will have a low cost upgrade that will refresh your home.

Each of these upgrades can be accomplished with a few hundred dollars and will provide a long lasting improvement to your home.


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