We all know, lighting plays an important role in the outlook of a house, be it outside lighting fixtures or living room floor lamps and bedroom desk lamps. The right lighting can change the whole atmosphere of a room. However, people don’t pay enough attention to lighting when buying lamps.

Most of them only consider the design of the lamp which in itself is a magnanimous task because there are so many designs of lamps available in the market. But people should know that the type of lighting also needs proper consideration. Each lamp has a distinct light temperature that can transform your house from a warm to cool place.

The room you want to keep the lamp in will determine what type of lamp you should buy. Start by taking into account the following points while shopping for the lamps.

Light for Bedroom

The bedroom should have a cozy and intimate environment where you can completely relax and have a good night’s sleep. That’s why the lighting in the room should be warm as well. While searching for bedroom lamps, make sure that the total light output does not exceed 4000 lumens. The light intensity should range from 2700K to 3000K which is light yellow to warm white. Higher color temperature produces a warm glow which does not disrupt your sleep.

Light for Living Room

Living room is the center place of the house where the whole family gathers at the end of each day. To ensure that the living room is full of cheerful energy, you will need cooler tones of lighting. The total light output in a living room should be higher than 2000 lumens and the temperature of the light around 3500K to produce bright atmosphere in the room. You can also make your living room cozy by using warm tone lights like bedroom.

Light for Specific Task

Sometimes, you need specific lighting for tasks that require concentration such as crafting, embroidery or studying. In order to stimulate focus and attention the light temperature should range between 4000K to 6000K. This produces a bright and clear light that is perfect for detailed tasks.

Apart from color temperature and tones of the light, a lamp should also have a sturdy built and attractive designs. Floor lamps are the most obvious option for lighting that fulfills various purposes. Read below for the best floor lamp deals on the internet and you should also browse this website for more exciting lamp details.

Revel Trinity Arc

If you are looking for a lamp big enough to light up the whole room, then Revel Trinity Arc is best for you. The floor lamp consists of three massive light bulbs that casts a warm glow over the room. It is perfect for living rooms but you can also place it in the bedroom.

  • It has a minimalist design and is compatible with various room décors
  • The floor lamp is tall and does not take up much space
  • It also has a solid and sturdy built which makes it less prone to damages however, it is a bit heavy
  • The lamp comes with beautiful shades that are perfect for tradition as well as modern room décor

Brighttech Arc

Finding lamps for a reading nook is probably the most difficult task however, Brighttech Arc has suddenly made it easier. The floor lamp sports an LED light in the form of an arc which you can place beside a sofa so that it provides overhead lighting source. It is also perfect for study desk as well.

  • The lamp has durable and heat free LEDs which makes it perfect for reading. Even though the light is not dimmable which plays against the lamp.
  • However, the single light source has a gentle tone and warm white color
  • The lamp only occupies space in height
  • The height if the lamp stand is adjustable

Brighttech Litespan

Brighttech litespan is perfect for workshops where you do detailed tasks that requires concentration and focus. The maximum output of this lamp is 2000 Lumens which produces sharp white light.

  • Bright and white light for tasking and crafts which comes in five different tones
  • The light intensity is dimmable
  • The lamp takes up little space making it compatible for workshops
  • The design and built of the lamp is durable


If you’re still looking for what to add to your house to make more beautiful and enchanting, then you should consider getting any or all of these lamps. They’ll not only help to brighten your rooms, but will also colorify the whole environment making it more fun and sexy to be in.

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