Building a new home is one of the most exciting and stressful adventures. You’re excited to bring your dreams to live and finally have the home of your dreams, but you know it’s going to take longer than you thought, you’re going to run into issues here and there, and you’re not going to have smooth sailing during the entire process. It’s all part of the building process, and you’re not the only one going through this. Now that you’re ready to build, you should know where to focus on putting the space in your home. You can have a 3,000-square foot house that seems tiny and cramped if you don’t design it correctly, and that’s where this advice is useful.

Spread Out

You can go up, but it’s a lot more functional in many instances to spread your space out on one floor. Better Built Homes acreage home design allows you to spread out your home on more land so you can better utilize your space and make your home appear larger and more open. These open floor plans make dream home living more achievable.

Open Up Your Spaces

Rather than creating walls between every room, consider opting for a wide-open space in the main living area. Your kitchen opens up into the dining room and the living area, and your spaces are defined clearly by strategically placed furniture and other accessories. This allows you to live in your home without feeling cramped, and it also makes it feel much larger.

Get Creative With Designs

If you’re trying to maximize space where it’s most important, minimize it where it’s not. Do you need an extra-large closet if you design a smaller one perfectly? With built-ins and other added designs, you can make smaller closets much more functional and capable of holding more items if you’re smart about it. You might want a large laundry room, but eliminate the wasted space in this room. The same goes for your office, the mudroom, and any other room that’s not lived-in regularly.

Add Windows

You can’t go wrong adding windows to any home design. They open up space quickly and easily by making it brighter and lighter. This is a color combination that allows you to feel like you have more space, more room, and a lot more square footage. It’s also beneficial when you want to keep the house cool or warm during any season.

Building a new home is exciting no matter how big or small it is. Even if you are building a larger home from the start, you will want to maximize your space to eliminate needless areas, unused areas, and square footage that’s not used. It makes home more comfortable and more enjoyable, especially when you’re entertaining and have a house filled with people. Let your home shine as naturally as it’s meant to simply by designing your spaces to make the most of the square feet they’ve been given.


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