If you have that new corner office or have a newly leased space for your growing company, the blank space is filled with so much opportunity. You have moved away from the drab grey cubicles and now have complete control over how you want your new workspace to look like.

Besides the standard desk, storage, and chairs, there are three things to make your office stand out from the rest. It’s the small touches like a vase with flowers or big-ticket items such as a corner sofa bed that elevate the space into one that encourages productivity while creating a relaxing atmosphere.

A nice display case

If you are an antique enthusiast, one of the more flexible pieces is a good cabinet instead of a display case. The storage at the bottom can hold your old files while the glass display can showcase small things that inspire and relax you at the same time.

If you prefer more modern pieces, then there is no issue with integrating it into your space. Focus on what you will put in it instead. Since modern pieces tend to be very minimalist and mostly act as a frame, having colourful baubles, picture frames and figurines will definitely stand out.

When people visit your workspace, they can easily gauge who you are as a person and feel comfortable as well.

A soft couch

Sometimes less is truly more. A soft couch is a good place to take small power naps and relax during your downtime at work without going overboard and having a bed inside your office. It lends itself well to creating a homier atmosphere.

At the same time, couches are good for informal meetings that could easily feel more intimidating in a conference room. It also takes away the barrier created by a desk. For more casual conversations and business discussions that heavily rely on good rapport instead of intimidation—the couch is where you go.

A lot of art

The first two are big – a display case and a couch, but statement pieces don’t always have to be big. Small paintings by a well-known artist or photographer can be a statement piece as well. It adds depth to your character in the workspace. To some people, having art inspires them to do more or think creatively when handling solutions.

Statement pieces are not about bragging rights; it isn’t about the price or the space. Statement pieces act as items that help ground you. They remind you of your priorities and qualities outside of all the paperwork. They can make it a place that is an extension of you, and much more than simply functional and work oriented.

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