A cooler with high-energy efficiency makes the right solution to get through the heat during summer. In this case, the portable evaporative cooler is one of a kind, the newest type of cooler that delivers the expected cooling power in high level that effectively works every time. Compared to other types of cooler, this one consumes less energy which fits many people lifestyle. In particular, the device is much recommended to be used for dryer climates like in the West. Not only is it inexpensive to buy but also to operate and maintain.

How Does Portable Evaporative Cooler Work?

In general, the portable evaporative cooler has its own way to work. It introduces the water vapor into surrounding atmosphere in order to lower the temperature. Basically, it’s way of work is a kind of natural phenomenon that can easily be found in the surrounding. Assume it works the same as the garden sprinkles. Every time the sprinklers are on and watering certain area on your garden, you will notice that you feel the cooler air on the area adjacent to the sprinklers. That’s exactly how the evaporative cooling system works every time. It’s pretty simple yet effective to provide much cooler air.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

  1. Where do you live?

Before you go purchasing the cooler, make sure you live in the right climate. To be exact, the cooler works effectively in climate with 20 – 40 degrees F that is usually accompanied with low humidity and high temperatures. But in case of area with high humidity, the cooler is not recommended as it will not work effectively. Therefore, check the summertime temperature and the humidity first before you make the decision to purchase the cooler.

  1. What are the benefits?

When you get the portable evaporative cooler, there are immediately some benefits to enjoy. For instance, it is a super energy efficient device which means it cuts off your electricity bills while you can still enjoy cooler air in the summer. The device is zero emission as it only produces low level of footprint on carbon. As a result, it doesn’t produce any emission. Moreover, it can also prevent the air pollution thanks to the filter fitted with the cooler. Meanwhile, the indoor air quality will be much improved.

  1. Shortcoming of the coolers

Yes, there are some shortcomings you should know beforehand. For instance, it is not recommended for use in homes with high humidity level or in area with limited water supply as the device requires continuing water supply. As for the maintenance, it requires more frequent maintenance compared to air conditioner. It should be maintained at least every month.

  1. Differences between air conditioner and portable evaporative cooler

While both AC and portable evaporative cooler have the same purpose to cool the surrounding air, they have some differences that you should know and consider as buyer. For instance, in terms of energy efficiency, the cooler is way much more efficient compared to the AC because it consumes less electric power.

  1. Select the ideal size

Like AC, the portable evaporative cooler comes in varying sizes. Your job is to select the ideal size according to the size of your house and the area for cooling. Selecting the size is based on the air moving capacity rated in CMH. Talk to the sellers or contractors for more information.

  1. Consider the features

There are some features of every portable cooler. They include the control panel and remote control, cooling pads, water tanks and air compartment. The device does come with variable speed option just like AC. In terms of cooling pads, there are two different types of pads, the Aspen cooling pads and Cellulose pads. Water tank consists of hose connector, water level indicator, drain valve and water inlet.

  1. Maintenance tips

As a buyer, it is necessary to know the right way to maintain its cleanliness. For instance, make sure to drain the water if you are not going to use it for several days. It is necessary to prevent any bacteria growth. As for the maintenance, it should be at least twice a year, midway into summer and before winter. With the regular maintenance, the equipment’s life will be extended.

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