Let’s see how to make a mini-garden of crasas, using some bricks for the structure. A miniature garden that will be perfect as a centerpiece or to decorate a corner.

The succulent plants are plants that do not require too much care and are perfect for centerpiece or mini-gardens to decorate. On this occasion, we will create a tower with bricks, and in that tower we will introduce substratum for the succulent plants. Since the bricks have holes, the coarse plants will be in those holes.

In addition, to realize the plantation of the succulent plants, we will also see how to make the cutting of these succulent plants. Here we show you step by step.
Step by step to make a mini-garden of succulent plants:

Step 1

The first thing we will do is create a simple vertical tower with 5 bricks. To join them, we will use silicone. You have to let the silicone dry well. You can also get more inspiration from landscapers Falmouth.

Step 2

We are going to place the brick tower in a plastic dish of a planter. All that remains uncovered by the tower, we will decorate it with volcanic gravel. The gravel will bring a unique sense to your mini garden.

Step 3

The next step will be filling little by little the tower that we have created with substrate. Being crass plants, the substrate must have a mixture of sand. As we plant the plants, we will continue to fill with more substrate. Otherwise, it could come out through the holes. We must be aware of the importance of considering sizes of the holes.

Step 4

For the planting of the succulent plants, it will be enough to acquire the plants’ shoots. You can use different varieties of cactus, evergreens, etc.

Step 5

In this simple way we have managed to create a mini-garden of succulent plants that will be perfect as a centerpiece or to decorate any corner of our home.

Step 6

Share with your friends and neighbors. Not everyone has to have their own lawnmower or cultivator. Borrow from a neighbor or reach an agreement between several people to share the costs of acquiring good quality products. You can also exchange plants and bulbs with friends and neighbors, as well as share tips and strategies and help each other when they have to lift heavy objects. Just do not forget to invite them to a garden party as thanks.

Important note: The followings are tools for a novice gardener

• A shovel to dig
• A rake
• A lawnmower
• Scissors for pruning roses
• Cutters
• An irrigation hose and sprinklers









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