A roller binder is a window shade that rolls up out of the way to allow light into the room. Roller blinds are commonly found in offices but many homes have accommodated this trend. The roller blinders are made of very simple mechanism and are hence cost effective, simple to operate and hence the chance of breaking is reduced. Day by day they are becoming popular due to its clean and appealing look. The roller binder are made of PVC material and hence can withstand wear and  tear over long periods of time and also makes it easier to clean by use of water and soap by wiping them . The roller blinders are so versatile and hence can be kept indoors or even outdoor. If you are interested to get either one of them, why not get a Combi blinds Singapore specialist to assist you on this.

Types of roller blinders

Perforated roller blinds

Mostly used for offices and big halls, they mostly block the view on the other side but at the same time allow enough light  to get in and enables the user to save on electricity

Blackout roller blinds

Mainly used for bedrooms since they can block light from penetration and make the room dark enough to allow the user to sleep with comfort ability even during the day.

Pros and cons of roller blinders


  • Relative inexpensive in most instances as compared to other window covering.
  • Provide privacy
  • Can possibly accommodate a view
  • Can be thermal
  • Provide UV protection
  • Easy to operate
  • Can be spring loaded ,chain controlled, battery operated or motorised
  • Can be adapted to a smart home wiring system
  • Easily installed
  • Come with child safety features
  • Available in a multitude of thickness, colours, and textures to suit décor


  • Unsuitable for narrow windows or shaped windows
  • All fabric have a maximum width which is fixed
  • Gaps at sides of up to 22m
  • Gaps where to blinds meet of 17-30mm
  • Flap in the breeze if window is open
  • It is not a strong product since its held in at 2 upper fixing points
  • Some windows need 2 blinds in order to maintain privacy which may be expensive
  • Vary greatly in price according to fabric and mechanism

Factors to consider in orderto buya roller blinder


Your blinds should reflect your own style. For every blind type there are specific features that make it unique from the others as Bunny William would say “ifyou love something it will work. “Consider vertical and horizontal blinds, horizontal slats make the space to look large and hence are considered for small apartment s while vertical blinds work best for wide windows


Some materials are preferably to others .for example if you have windows that are exposed to direct sunlight for the largest part of the day, go for materials that absorb some of this heat

The window

Different blinds open and close differently. This is especially vital when ordering online you need to take into consideration whether you want an inside or an outside mount

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