Committing to floor coverings can make people feel indecisive or uncomfortable. Buying these functional elements can be difficult because of all the materials, styles, colors and patterns on the market. However, you can never go wrong with cowhide rugs, reindeer hide or sheepskin rugs. These animal skins all come with their own perks.

Cowhide Rugs
If you want to add luxury and comfort to your home, cowhide fits the bill. A cowhide rug adds flair to your home. This organic material feels soft against the skin and is a welcome experience for your feet after a long, active day. Because of hypoallergenic qualities, even allergy sufferers can enjoy the comfort of a cowhide rug.

The natural cowhide shades and patterns of brown, white and black fit in beautifully with traditional wall and furniture colors. However, they also accent brightly colored spaces nicely. Cowhide rugs are durable and can stand up to even the heaviest foot traffic. They’re easy to clean with the attachment of a vacuum cleaner. Their natural fibers endure the test of time and can tolerate years of heavy use.

Reindeer Hide

In order to minimize waste, reindeer hides come from deer farms where the animals are bred for meat consumption. Professionals dry, cure and treat the hides. Tanners add the finishing touches and apply silicone solution so that people can use these hides in their homes. This treatment waterproofs the rugs and makes them easy to maintain. If reindeer hides get wet, simply hang them up to dry. For regular cleaning, just shake them out and use a small brush to remove any remaining dirt.

The density and thickness of reindeer fur makes it durable and heat-efficient. Since the hides are also smooth and soft to the touch, they make ideal blankets. These hides are practical, but they also add style because they come in assorted colors and shades. These include light brown, dark brown, white and grey. Each has its own pattern, so no two are alike.

Sheepskin Rugs

Some people might shy away from sheepskin because they fear intensive maintenance. However, these durable, visually appealing animal skins are easy to maintain since they repel dirt and bacteria. That’s because sheepskin has a natural waxy element called lanolin. This substance makes the rugs resistant to dirt and water.

Just give your sheepskin coverings an occasional brushing, and you’re good to go. Using a wire brush will keep the rugs looking nice and fluffy. If you want to deep-clean them, you can put the hides in a washing machine and let them air-dry. Here’s an extra benefit: You won’t ever have to worry about static when walking on sheepskin.

While people usually think of rugs or hides as floor coverings, animal skin rugs also make striking throws and intriguing wall hangings. You can certainly use cowhide rugs, reindeer hides or sheepskin rugs as eye-catching coverings for your couches, or make a statement by displaying them on a prominent wall in your living space.

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