When designing or redesigning a space, a lot of thought goes into visual organization and planning. From figuring out the color scheme to learning a few visual tricks to create the perfect illusion of size and shape, mapping out each room can be a full-time project. But what if you made it easier on yourself by using your home windows as the focal point of a few larger rooms in your home? When it’s time to buy windows at your favorite windows virginia beach store, you should be sure to invest in a few more stylish options that go beyond mere function to make an artistic statement. If you’re looking for a few knockout windows to use as the centerpiece of any room in your home, here’s what to look for.

Use Accents and Accessories

Nothing draws the eye like a bunch of interesting textures and fixtures spread out around a room. Even if the room you’re decorating is already busy with a lot of patterns and colors, installing different pieces on or near your window can be the thing to make it truly stand out. Think about installing small shelves around your window’s border to create depth. You can fill them with interesting smaller pieces of framed art or decorations. You can also use the space around your window to hang three-dimensional objects like hanging jewelry, art with box frames, or small accent mirrors. It’s up to you to get as colorful and interesting as possible when choosing the pieces themselves. As long as you’re giving your window an interesting, multi-textured frame, you’ll be pulling everyone’s eyes toward your window as an artistic centerpiece rather than a flat everyday object.

Amp Up the Drama

From adding a bold frame to getting creative with drapes and blinds, there are tons of ways to make your window look like a piece of art. If you’re working with a fixed window model like a picture window or bow window, the window style will do a lot of that work itself by opening up onto a large panoramic view. However, if you’re looking for more subtle ways to make your window a beautiful centerpiece, think about installing flowing, dramatic drapes make out of rich, dark material like velvet or satin. It’s even better if you can use these drapes to elongate your window and frame the view. Choosing dark colors and textured fabrics will give your window more of a show-stopping feel. If you frame your window like art, it will be easy for others to view it that way, especially if you have the benefit of a unique or dramatic outdoor view.

But Don’t Overwhelm Your Window

When it comes to using a functional window dressing style to give your window a bit of flair, all you have to do is choose something that’s understated but not flat. For instance, if you choose to go with a pattern or want to install a bunch of shelves or planters around your window, you’ll want to make sure nothing gets in the way of any of the other details. You ideally want your window centerpiece to look interesting, not cluttered. If you’re using a lot of smaller pieces as a way of framing your window, tone down the drapes. If you’re keeping things clean and minimalistic in order to let a larger window shine, you can go all out on dramatic drapes and bold patterns. Just remember that too much of anything, be it loud patterns or subtle colors, can end up having less than the intended effect. You want to draw a viewer’s eye to the window, not make it so loud that they avoid looking at it in the first place. If you’re going for something a bit more DIY and funky, add a string of bulb lights or colored lights to give your window that extra dazzle.

Open Up the View

One of best ways to make your window the main event of any room is to make the view itself stunning. If you’re in control of the area that your window looks out on, like the garden or patio, do your best to make it shine. If you’re not, do what you can to make sure your window stays clean, spotless, and able to present a thrillingly clear picture of everything it looks out on. Your window can offer a spectacular view, but if it’s a streaky mess, no one’s going to want to give it the time of day.

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