You may be looking for additional keys for your car or home. When you search the internet, you may get the huge list of locksmiths but sometimes it is not true that all are actually locksmiths. They are usually called centres people. They may be in a different state or even in the different country.

The internet has a list of many locksmiths involved in illegal trading. They may have less knowledge in lock picking too, they take the orders and overcharge for the jobs. It could be even worse, they can be scammers too. It is very important to pick out the right locksmith.

Different methods to Pick Out a Locksmith Scam

Below are some methods, which can be used to pick out the scammers and by this, you also can ensure personal safety.

  1. Bait & Switch

Many locksmiths get the booking since they are offering a low price, don’t fall for a cheap locksmith. Check the web for the minimum charge a locksmith usually charges for their services along with tax and national insurance. The locksmith can sometimes charge addition amount for extra labor too. It is suggested to ask them beforehand else you be will end up paying more amount as compared to a service of a reputable locksmith.

  1. Cash Payments

Many locksmiths will mention online about their mode of payment. It is advisable to make a cash payment and also keep record or receipt of the services provided by the locksmith. It will be helpful in future.

  1. Duplicate Key

This is a huge scam and it is self-explanatory, the locksmith can do the key cutting and can also make a duplicate key for themselves to access your personal belonging. This can happen after few months to avoid suspicions. This can be extremely risky for home, car or anything. It is important to have an insurance for personal belonging.

  1. Anchor Pinning

Locksmiths can also charge high by providing wrong replacement advice. They can share the highest expense option which can be twice the price of regular multiple locks. It is crucial to check the different types of locks online so that you have an idea about it during the time of emergency.

  1. Drilling Off Your Door Handle

That locksmith who is into scamming can drill the entire door lock, so you will be left with no other choice and you have to replace the entire lock of the door. This will cost more as compared with just a pin replacement. A professional locksmith can easily unpin and unlock the door without drilling it.

  1. Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is a huge crime in the UK. An illegal locksmith can give access to your home, car to some burglar or they can even sell the information. It is advisable to protect all the important documents like property documents, passport, financial documents, credit and debit cards etc.

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