It is said that something that is lost, even in a great Photograph, can only be found in a Painting.

Paintings are a personalised way of expressing the feelings. With so many efforts, thoughts and time put for creating that piece of art, paintings are a perfect way to tell someone how you feel, to capture the memories you would like to cherish your whole life, to convey your emotions. It conveys your message in a way that it’s no longer just a thing to be seen but to be felt.

The thing that makes paintings a perfect translator of your thoughts is that it is not bound by reality (just like one’s thoughts). You can turn it, twist it, fold it, bend it and blend it the way you want. One can depict the reality s/he desires or dreams of through a painting.

Paintings are a perfect gift. They just fit for all the occasion. Whether it is a marriage, a baby shower, birthday party or a marriage proposal, paintings never fail to create an awe-inspiring moment. They always carry your messages and sometimes even more.

Even if you do not know how to paint, they still work well for you. There are platforms like InstaPainting who creates a hand-drawn painting from your photos. You can ask to change the background and to change the detailing of the image. You can turn your sweet memories, pictures of your children, family, pet etc. into a painting. You can alter the things you do not like in the image like ugly backgrounds, dirty clothes etc. or recreate some other images to fit your demand – like, fixing your face on some iconic personality’s body, animating the surrounding etc.

Even creating a blend of reality and imagination is possible using techniques like cubism.

You can decide on the colour and placing of the principal images in the design. You can choose an interplay of shapes and colours to elevate the narrative symbolism of the painting. The imagination can be brought live on a paper through paintings. All these cannot be achieved through a photograph.

Different options available to convert your photographs to hand-drawn paintings:

Oil Painting

The object is 100% free-hand painted onto canvas by a master artist. You can work directly with the artist to customise your painting (if you want to tailor it) or just upload a photo and let them handle it. It can be delivered rolled, gallery wrapped, or framed. Oil can get the closest to looking exactly like your photo. Oil is suitable for portraits, landscapes and even abstract art.


It is a giclée canvas print with texture and depth meticulously added by an artist using oil paints to resemble a fully painted piece of art. A mixed-media painting is available rolled or gallery wrapped.

Since it is cheaper, you can get the oil painting look using Mixed Media without paying the oil painting price. Moreover, since the Mixed Media paintings are printed first, it’s easier for artists to get all the details in your photo.


Watercolour paintings are 100% free-hand painted objects onto a watercolour paper by a master artist. You can directly collaborate with the artist to customise your painting or just upload a photo and let them handle it. It is available rolled or framed. It gives your photo a naturally rich, hand-painted artwork look.


Charcoal paintings give an artsy look to a person depicted in the photo. It is made using the charcoal pens which gives artistic touch even to normal images.

Coloured-pencil & Pencil

Coloured pencils give a neat and fine look to the image. The image can be finely detailed using the pencils. It is an effective way of recreating or restoring old, low-quality photos.

Cleaning up or restoring old photos is a very useful advantage of converting your picture to paintings. You can get rid of the blurry and hazy photos, and get clear and elegant paintings. All you need to do is upload the image and convey your requirements. The painting is ready and usually delivered within a week.

The paintings speak a lot. It can depict the emotions and ideas which even the words cannot convey. If a photo is a statement, painting is a poem; a photo can convey what can be seen, while painting can even convey what’s beyond; a photo can capture the memory, a painting can create it.

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