A new solution for all pool and spa owners: the Rolling-Deck mobile pool deck

By inventing the Rolling-Deck Piscinelle has revolutionized the concepts of decks, covers, shelters and even pool safety!

As both a mobile pool terrace and a safety device, the Rolling-Deck is positioned with the greatest ease over the pool or in its continuity. Pool or terrace, in a few seconds, it changes the living space.

This new solution has become essential to our customers who are more numerous every year to fall for its avant-garde and sobriety. ”It’s the smart product par excellence

Today, the pool decking services in Dallas TX is available to all pool owners, regardless of the brand of their in-ground pool or spa. Depending on the size of your project we will offer different directions of travel including a trundle system for small pools!

A mobile terrace of noble and unique pool in its requirement

What was important for us, beyond the major innovation that this represents, was to achieve a perfect product from both a quality and aesthetic point of view. That’s why the development of what looks like a simple sliding pool terrace has taken more than two years of research & development. The culmination of this process is the pool decking services in Houston TX leader in the high-end mobile pool terrace.

With a frame and a grating made of Ipe wood the product is at the same time simple and reliable in its use, durable in its design, ecological in its manufacture and, always, aesthetic.

The Rolling-Deck can be opened in one or two parts that slide on aluminum rails designed and developed for your Rolling-Deck.

Each removable Rolling-Deck pool deck is designed according to the client’s project and is fully pre-assembled and tested.


A simple push can open or close your Rolling-Deck! In a few seconds your pool becomes a secure terrace that can accommodate chairs and tables without even having to move!


Rolling-Deck is a 100% product designed and manufactured in workshops. Only noble materials are allowed in the manufacture of your Rolling Deck. For a perfect finish, each piece is fully pre-assembled at the factory.


A veritable mobile terrace, the Rolling-Deck is a safety system that meets the NF P90-308 standard. With aesthetics and efficiency it secures your pool and allows you to reuse the covered space. Discreet, he is always there and never broke down.

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