Did you know that in recent years, it was found that only about 40% of homes in Britain have a burglar alarm (a working one, at that)? Another interesting fact is that almost 30% of these alarms are only set if the resident is spending the night away. And there’s another fact that may be cause for alarm: according to the Home Office, residences without any security systems or measures are 5 times more liable to be broken into compared to residences with ordinary security systems.

These figures are certainly a cause for concern, and if you are a homeowner who would like to enhance the security of your property, a smart home system may be your best option. Here are the top reasons why more homes are switching to smart home security today.

The main difference between a traditional security system and a smart security system

First, you should know the difference between a traditional security system and a smart security system. One notable difference between the two is this: a smart system is often wireless, and this already means that they are not as disruptive and are much easier to install than a standard wired system.

The components are basically the same, however: both systems are usually comprised of an alarm system complete with a control panel, detectors for movement, video surveillance equipment, door contacts, and so on. But perhaps the most important difference is that with a smart system, you can control the system remotely – which means that even if you are outside of your home, you can have access to the security system and can monitor the activity in your home simply by connecting to the controls with your smartphone or other gadget.

The benefits of a smart system for security

Homeowners and renters who have already installed a smart home system can attest that the system gives them much-needed peace of mind. The fact of the matter is that we are all, to a certain degree, worried about our properties when we leave, especially if we have to leave for a few days. But with a smart home system, you can control and assess the security measures in your property even if you are away. You can have instant access to your property’s control panel and even view your property through video surveillance cameras in real time.

Another benefit of smart systems for the home is that you can control other aspects aside from security as well. You can control your home’s temperature, appliances, and even the gas and boiler. With a smart home system such as one from HomeCoverPlan.co.uk, you will even be automatically notified in case of intrusion, flood, fire, or gas or carbon monoxide leakages, which adds to your home’s safety and security overall.

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