Food processors are not an option anymore but a necessity. Obviously, you can do all the tasks a food processor does, by your hand but ain’t nobody have time for that. And in 2018, when technology is thriving more than ever, who can refuse the convenience and comfort that a food processor provides? So, if you are thinking about buying this appliance, then here are the top 6 features that the best food processor in 2018 has to offer you.

Control Functions

Food processor have become more specified in their functions as compared to before. In the past, all processors had the three basic functions of on, off and pulse, which are sufficient for the primary tasks. But a number of new technologies has been introduced in the models of food processor to get the best out of the ingredients. One example is the speed control, as different kinds of doughs needs different mixing speed according to their texture.

Stable Body

Food processors can cause strong vibrations due to all the mixing and blending. This is basically a minor problem but sometimes large amount of ingredients in the food processor can cause it to move actively on the kitchen counter. But now food processors have a solidly built body with wider bases that guarantees more stability. This makes it one of the most coveted features the best food processor should have.

High Quality Blades

The blades used in the food processor should be of the best quality.  Blades are the parts which have to perform the primary function. The quality of the blades have changed notably, for the better. Now, food processors use stainless steel blades which are the best when it comes to performance. Stainless steel blades are also durable and long-lasting so you won’t have to worry about changing them often.

Power Wattage

Basic food processor functions like cutting and chopping does not require much wattage. However, certain functions like dough mixing requires more force which was previously unavailable. This made it difficult to mix dough properly but now food processors have more than 700 watts of motors which is able to accomplish this task at ease.

Longer Warranties

All home appliances have the standard warranty of one year but what would you do if your food processor stops working one week after the year? That is why most appliance manufacturing companies offer extended warranties and some companies offer as much as a five year warranty as well. In addition, there is separate warranty on the different accessories that accompanies the food processor.

Dishwasher Safe parts

The last thing you need to do is to spend hours on cleaning your food processor after using it. Previously, food processors had sharp edges and cavities in their design where the food would get stuck and it will become hard to clean it. But a number of modifications have been made to the design of the food processors and now they can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher. The best food processor must have this feature.

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