Liftup supply ease of mobility products for homes, offices and public buildings. They are truly revolutionary and better than all the rest in the market for just 3 simple reasons. We definitely think they are worth shouting about!

Keep reading to find out what 3 things we love about them so much, or discover for yourself by going to and looking at their fantastic range of products.


Liftup have a range of products all with one purpose: aid the disabled with dignity. For that, we applaud them.

Just look at the flex step for example. It offers both stairs and lift functions to allow those with walking disabilities to get from one floor to another quickly and easily. By combining both stairs and lift into one platform, this gives everyone a sense of dignity and choice as to whether they will use it as a lift, or walk up to the next platform one step at a time. It’s really not a machine. It’s an aid. A helping hand that respects your decision to ride the lift or take the stairs.

But Liftup have a selection of aids to help you, so if the idea of taking on a flight of stairs feels you with dread, don’t worry! We urge you to have a look at Liftup’s Stair Trainer too; a simple yet very effective aid to help you tackle the steps. It’s not just us that love the Stair Trainer – physiotherapists love it too.


Another area where Liftup have been revolutionary. While modern architecture has gotten increasingly minimalist and elegant, disability aids have remained ungainly and, frankly, a bit of an eye sore for everyone.

This is not the case with Liftup.

If you’re looking for an elegant machine that looks more like it belongs in a celebrity’s mansion or James Bond villain’s lair, look no further. Liftup machines are elegant, modern, sophisticated and can be designed to fit specifically with your current interior designs.

Let’s look at the HDN for example. Not only can you cover/design it with the same flooring as the room you’d like to integrate it with, but you’ll never even notice it’s there! The HDN will never be an eye sore; we doubt anyone would even notice it until you use it… even then, it just looks like a very cool, modern piece of tech.


Finally, let’s talk about safety. Liftup isn’t all about aesthetics; they’ve designed each and every aid to be very safe for users and assistants too.

Raizer for example only needs one assistant to set it up properly. Just one. Then you can let the aid do it’s magic and easily lift up a lying person into a sitting person. How many assistants would that normally require?

Liftup takes safety, dignity and elegance seriously to create a range of products that, in our opinion, are truly revolutionary.

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