Small rooms are often over-furnished and cramped. The lack of proper planning is usually the culprit for such a claustrophobic environment since most people believe that there are not many options for effectively designing a small room. However, small spaces can also become adequate if you know what to do with it. Interior designers have a way with designing small rooms that leaves them perfectly enchanted. So, here are some tips to add an illusion of spaciousness in small rooms and properly managing the space available to you.

Skipping the Headboard

The bed takes up the majority of space in small bedrooms. It is important that you pay special attention to the dimensions of your room while purchasing a bed. Buy a bed which is small enough to fit in the room while still leaving some space. You can choose beds without headboards since they took up extra space unnecessarily. Instead, place you bed against the wall and use it as headboard. Or you can buy a multipurpose headboard that also serves as a night and lamp stand.

Choose Daybeds

It is not a set rule that you have to choose a conventional queen sized bed for a room. When you have a limited space, you can opt for other options. Daybeds are smaller and take up very little space. Plus, they have built-in storage spaces where you can keep extra beddings as well as books or the things you don’t use in daily life. Some daybeds can also double as a couch. You can fold it up during the day and free up space in your small bedroom.

Use Built-in Shelves

Storage shelves also take up unnecessary space in a room, which you need to avoid especially in small bedrooms. Instead of buying custom made book shelves, you can built the shelves into the walls. For this, you’ll have to hire property renovation London contractors or a refurbishment company because it is a tricky task and only professionals can perform it. Built-in shelves will let you make use of the walls which are otherwise not functional.

Lighting and Mirrors

Everything in a small bedroom needs smart planning and consideration because you need to free up as much space as you can. Depending on the color and temperature of lighting, you can make a room appear larger and airier than it actually is, mirrors can do the same trick. Moreover, you can skip lamp stands and floor lamps altogether and use mount lighting or pendant lighting fixtures. Since they don’t take up space and are attached to the ceiling and walls, leaving free space. The more mirrors you use, the more its reflection will create an illusion of more space.

Color Scheme

Lastly, the color scheme of a room can completely alter its appearance. You can use special colors to produce a desired effects. In order to make a small room appear spacious, you can use light colors and pastel tones. It will give airiness to the room and lighten up the shadows. Plus, repeating patterns with wallpapers and furniture is a common trick to make small rooms look less closed up.



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