How does it feel to stare at a stark, empty wall? Well, it certainly feels inviting and cold. Blank walls could be a disaster to the aesthetics of your entire living place. Besides, these are a headache when you don’t have enough time, budget, or idea for a décor project. These following ideas may come in handy and save you from the unforgiving boringness of those bare surfaces.


Bring back the charm of the classic gallery style.

This is the way to go if you have too many photos and hang-worthy items. Use your favorite prints, posters, or images to fill up the blank wall. A gallery wall oozes more character when it’s full. The hanging items should be colorful if the background color is a soft shade as dark materials will add depth to the space. On the other hand, the white or light-colored artwork is the best choice for a room filled with colorful walls and furniture.

The same style can be applied to the walls of a hallway or stairway. It’s surprising that such a functional space that gets huge traffic doesn’t get much attention in terms of decoration. You can hang your personal photos there to create a wall of memories. This addition will give the place a character and give the guests a nice surprise while walking up the stairs.


Use frames made of crown moldings.

Simple crown molding frames on the walls could be the best option to enliven the walls of a contemporary space. The thin, streamlined profile of the trims look symmetrical with the straight lines of the furniture and minimalist decoration of a modern room. These moldings are enough to add texture and depth to the walls but you can fill up the space with mirrors, framed photos, posters, or some other objects.


Proudly show your collectibles.

A vacant wall is like a blank canvas where you can display all of your accessories, artwork, and other prized items. If you are decorating the living room, display all these things together on the same wall. It will not look cluttery if the color palette is white or a soft shade. You can make the place comfortable by bringing in comfy sofas, wooly cushions, sheepskin rugs, and more.


Mix and match.

Many people feel confused about the size and dimensions of the artwork hung on the walls. It’s true that similar sizing creates a visual coherence and gives the room an organized look. However, there’s no rule against a mixed up style. A series of mismatched paintings of different sizes, colors, and subjects won’t look like a curated hang but can create a surprising effect.


Decorate with kid’s artworks.

It is probably the cheapest of all the ideas listed here. Kids will happily let you hang their paintings on the wall. If the ideas seem childish, you can at least decorate the kid’s room with these artworks. In fact, the bright colors and bold shapes that children use in their creating work are truly amazing.

To make the hanging process easier, paint a portion of the wall with magnetic paint and then cover it with a color of your choice. After that, ask your children to hang their favorite creations with fun magnets. Mix them with a couple of framed photos to create a unified look. It could be a fun family DIY project, taking not more than an afternoon.


Bring together multiple small mirrors.

Most people think about mirrors when it comes to decorating an empty space or creating a focal point. Have you ever thought about small-sized mirrors? These can create the same visual impact as well as relieve a bare wall from the stark monotony. Gather together multiple small mirrors in various sizes in a particular shape such as rectangular, triangular, or circular and discover how nice they look!



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