Are you a wannabe wine connoisseur? It’s about time you dedicated part of your home to your favourite drink and built a wine cellar! Not everyone has a basement to spare for installing shelves upon shelves of bottles, so here are a few ways that you can achieve a small-scale wine cellar that’s just as impressive.

With the right furniture in the right place, you can have your very own wine cellar in your kitchen, living room, basement or anywhere else you choose. Read below to find out how.

Stacked oak wine barrels in winery cellar

Finding A Good Spot

If you haven’t got a cellar, you’ll need to fine the right place for storing your wine before you even begin to consider furniture and layout.

Wine should be stored in cool, dark places, preferably in a horizontal position. This is going to make sure that the wine isn’t exposed to oxygen and stays cool and damp, ready for drinking. The worst place to store wine is in direct sunlight, so keep that in mind when finding a place for your wine cellar!

Wine Storage

Next you need to pick a storage type. If you’ve found a naturally dark place for your wine (a room without windows, for example) then consider building shelves or racks against the walls. The size of the rack depends on the amount of wine you have to store – don’t build a massive shelf that covers the entire wall if you only have a few bottles! An empty wine rack looks very sad.

With racks against the wall you can show off your wine bottles in one go as you invite friends, family and other wine connoisseurs to your cellar.

If you don’t have a dark, cool place then consider a simpler storage unit that has a door. This way you can control the light that reaches the wine. Find a cool corner in the room for your wine cabinet, away from any radiators.

Using Barrels

Barrels make fantastic furniture, whether you use small ones as stools, large ones as tables or just for decoration. You can even buy fully functional barrels to store your own homemade wine or shop bought wine in.

Barrels and furniture can be bought in abundance at Wine And Barrels, where you can even find bar cabinets inside a barrel. Their furniture is very unique and looks great in the corner of your kitchen or dining room, in place of a drinks cabinet.

These rustic furniture ideas would look great in the existing wine cellar if you have one, or tucked away in the corner of your living room. They also look fantastic in pub gardens and bars as they’re very sturdy (they won’t get knocked over easily) and they really fit with the pub theme.

So, whether you need rustic outdoor furniture for summer get-togethers, or a classy storage space for your growing wine collection, barrels and mini DIY wine cellars are the way to go!


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