So you love painting and displaying your art collection at home? And you also have tons of artwork stored in the basement because there are too many of them to all be displayed in your house?

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This seems to be a beautiful problem because as your collection grows, it also feels better to look at them one by one and remember how each inspired you one way or another. And who knows? The value of these art pieces may even go up years after.

So today, we’re teaching you a very valuable lesson about how to take care of your collection. Whether these pieces are displayed or not, hung or kept in the attic, the temperature inside the room should be controlled to maintain the condition of these items.

Having an air conditioner installed in the room is one way to fight the harsh temperature that will potentially damage these precious collection of yours. Here are the reasons why an air conditioner is really needed.

Changes in humidity is bad for painting

It was said that 40-45% is the most ideal humidity for painting in canvas or paper when the temperature is at 18-20 degree Celsius. This is applicable to all kinds of paint, whether the artist used acrylic, wax, or oil to create the artwork.

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Now imagine if you live in a tropical country where temperature ranges from 27-35 degree Celsius all year and humidity is relatively high. This kind of climate is definitely harsh for your paint collection even when you keep them indoors. The only way to protect your art pieces is to keep the temperature low by installing a cooling unit inside.

High temperature melts wax painting easily

Don’t you know that oil paint in a canvas either fade or darken when exposed to high temperature? This means that if you display a wall art made of wax paint in an area inside your house that’s exposed to the sun, there’s a high probability that it will get damaged.

Even when you keep some of them inside a room where temperature usually rises during summer, it can also be damaged just the same. So our advice for you is to really hire professionals from to install an air conditioner inside the rooms where these art works are kept or hung. Keep your cooling unit maintained as well by these pros who do inspections, repairs, and maintenance work for air conditioners.

Old paper breaks gradually in a hot and humid room

Ever noticed how the pages of the old books inside your high school or college library get brittle and weak? They nearly break down with only a few flips, right?

The same thing happens to canvas and paper painted with an art work when they are exposed to hot and humid air inside your house. The reason is the process called oxidation. Papers and even canvases can both undergo this chemical process that leads to discoloration and breakdown when they are exposed to oxygen, heat, and humidity.

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