Rugs add warmth, color, texture and a finish to your home décor. As we invest a good amount into these, we would like them to stay for long duration. To increase the durability, we should use good rug care services and follow some rules for slow wear and tear.


Prevention is always better than cure. Cleaning your rug is always an option but we should take precautions so that rug is spoiled as less as possible. Primarily, protect it from dirt as much as you can. Avoid taking your shoe to your carpet. You can place doormats at the entrance to avoid the shoe dust.

To protect rug from sliding and wear from floor, you can always place rug mat beneath your carpet. Also, keep rotating your rug.  This will even out the jaggedness that can happen due to uneven traffic and furniture positioning. Keep your rug away from sun as you don’t want it to steal colors.


Routine vacuuming is the key to the maintenance of your rug. Generally, once a week frequency should be good enough to keep it dust free but it depends on the locality you live. Canister vacuums are best for most type of rugs. You should never use high suction of your vacuum; rather go for hand held attachment with beater bar as off so that threads don’t get pulled out. Also, you should not vacuum on edges of the rugs as it can loosen the fiber.

It is important to keep the type of your rug in mind to avoid damaging it. Different types of rugs require different techniques of vacuuming. For reversible rugs, you should vacuum both the sides. For woven rugs, you should always vacuum in direction of its piles. Wet\dry vacuum can be used for shag.


All wool rugs are prone to shedding, specially the new ones. The shedding subdues itself over a period of time and depending upon the traffic on your rug. However, following few simple instructions, the shedding can be reduced to bare minimum. Using a high quality rug pad under your carpet can be helpful as it reduces surface friction. For a new rug, you should increase the frequency of vacuuming to two times a week. If you see any loose ends, do not pull them. Rather, use a sharp scissor to cut them.

In case, you spoil the rug, stain removal techniques can be used but you need to be careful about the type of your rug before applying any recipe. Also, once in a few year, you can also refer to professional cleaning services. These rug care tips will help in increasing the lifetime of your rug.

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