Electricity has become the basic need for today’s world. It would be really annoying if there is a power cut because of heavy rains or for any other reason.The generator is the solution for that butsolar generators are the latest solution for such problems.

The main problem with traditional generators is they require constant fuelling with fuels like petrol, kerosene. These fuels are costly and are exhaustible. So depending on such fuels is becoming a big problem for us. Also, they emit lots of smoke and noise which causes more inconvenience to us. Solar generators especially, a portable solar generator for homes, solve almost all of the problems we had with traditional generators and are very convenient to at home also.

Solar Generator

The solargenerator is a device which converts solar energy into electrical energy. It has several parts and the important parts are solar panels and actual generator. Solar panels attached to the generator gather the sunlight. Then this sunlight is converted to electricity and passed to thegenerator. It also contains a high-capacity battery inside the generator to store the received electricity.

Types of Solar Generator

According to the features and uses, solar generators are classified into two types:-

Solar backup generators: These types of generators are used as backups in emergency times generally when there is a power outage. They are high in wattage capacity and generally have more than one battery for more power storage. These are commonly used to power the home essentials such as fans, lights, computers, televisions, small and mid-range appliances. The battery duration depends on the appliances being powered by it.

Portable solar generators: These generators allow renewable power while on the go. These are much lighter than solar backup generators and are very easy to pack, store and carry around.

These generators are particularly useful for outdoor events, camping, in caravans. They have alower wattage than solar backup generators. However, a portable solar generator for homes can recharge and powerappliances like smartphones, lights, tablets, portable televisions and muchmore. They can even sometimes used to jump-start batteries of thevehicle as well.

While buying solar generators one has to consider its battery capacity, inverter rating and portability also for convenient usage.

Benefits of Portable Solar generators:

  1. These generators are easy to carry and can be taken anywhere. They are a clean and green source of energy.
  2. Sunshine is the source of energy which is free. So its fuel cost is zero.
  3. Traditional generators emit more noise and can cause disturbance to our neighbors. Solar generators won’t emit noise and are ideal for residential areas.
  4. When sun shining is not there, abattery of solar generator will provide therequired
  5. They also don’t need any venting as they won’t emit any smoke or gases.
  6. The cost we need to spend is only the purchase time cost. After that, it requires no fuel or maintenance.
  7. If sealed batteries are used in thesolar generator, its maintenance is completely zero.

Solar generators are eco-friendly and won’t harm theenvironment.

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