TRUGUARD is providing a range of reliable and effective anti-climb barriers, spikes, and solutions for different types of applications. Whether you want to install anti-climb spike fencing for your house or some other location, these barriers will protect your place from unauthorized access. These protection systems have now become a necessity as the intruders are getting wiser and more aware of the surroundings. Though these protection systems don’t guarantee that no one enters your premises, they will make it hard and almost impossible for them to do so. If you’re interested in installing such a system in your premises, read more.

Anti-climb rotating system for different premises:

This system is normally used to prevent illegal or unauthorized access over gates, walls, and fences and other areas that are prone to the intruders’ access. You can also have them installed on windows and flat roofs to improve the security system. Following are some applications of an anti-climb rotating system:


School premises should be protected in the best way as they are the most susceptible to thefts and vandalism. This is because schools and colleges are open only half of the day and they are empty for the rest of the day. Most of the schools thus opt for an anti-spike rotating system so that no one enters their premises and tries to steal the valuables.


Airports are one of the most sensitive areas in a city and a breach of security can cause big loss to the whole area. Though there are many risk evaluation systems and the security system is controlled by the high authorities, but installing a high quality and professional anti-climb rotating system can increase the security. Maintaining security for the airports can be done by installing a durable and reliable anti-climb spike fencing system.


Every prison is protected by a barrier but it isn’t necessary that the barrier is strong or durable enough to prevent any type of breach of trust. Prisons should be very secure because no one wants the prisoners to escape the prison to harm any more people. Installing TRUGUARD anti-climb spike system at the prison walls and gates can give a tough time to those who are trying to set their friends or relatives free from the prison.

The TRUGUARD anti-climb spike fencing can used for commercial, residential, and industrial premises and it can guard the vicinity and give a tough time to anyone who tries to cross the boundaries.



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