You must have seen those bulky window air conditioners in your parent’s home with just an on/off mode, and then came the split versions where you could control the temperature with low, medium and high cool options. These were replaced by modern day air conditioners with multiple operational modes. Many models with multiple functions and value-added services can be purchased now on discounts on sites like eBay. Choose trustworthy brands like Lloyd and save yourself from going low on money every month.

Purchasing AC is one investment, but its operation affects our electricity expenditure enormously. While most of see those modes on our remotes, very few of us know that choosing the correct operational mode can cause a big saving in the over increasing electricity bills.

Choose the right Controller to save bills

Depending upon the manufacturing, the air conditioner controlled could work on two basic principles. The ON/OFF compressor system that forms the part of normal ACs and the newer Inverter based Compressors. You can save not just money, but also your bills by choosing the latter compressor. The reason behind this is:

  • The On/Off system provides a set temperature setting, so the compressor will only turn off as the temperature goes down the desired settings.
  • This results in continuous functioning of the compressor requiring constant current supply.
  • This type of functioning also results in increased wearing of your AC system, increasing your maintenance costs too.
  • The inverter system is exactly the opposite; it keeps your room at a stable comfortable temperature by working at variable speed.
  • It utilizes power in an amount that is necessary at that very moment.

Top Tips on Saving Electricity Bills by Choosing the Correct Mode of Setting in Your AC

While compressors can alter your energy savings, even choosing the correct mode settings can cause a major difference:

  • While in the most common cool mode of your AC, if you keep the temperature at 25-28 degrees, you will save maximum of energy consumption.
  • High humidity days account for increased discomfort in enclosed areas, the dry mode of your AC works for such days.
  • The dry mode apart from providing humidity relief will also be energy saving because it allows fan and compressor to work in cycles.
  • Power saving mode shuts of the compressor when the temperature builds up to the desired settings, thus saving the consumption when not needed.
  • Quick cool mode though looks energy saving actually consumes more electricity because it gets down the temperature to 16/18 first when ideal requirement is 25.
  • Sleep mode is definitely energy saving raising the temperature gradually every hour.
  • Even the speed of fan can make a difference; auto speed usually is the preferred one as it changes the speed according to the room temperature.

Automatic filter cleaners – The Pros

Good and automatic cleaning filters are definitely an addon, as clean filters will make sure that there is constant air flow at all time. This ensures proper working of the thermostat and in turn the compressor.

The mode you choose as per the requirement can have a direct impact on your electricity bills. So, before purchasing an AC unit, compare various models on sites like and look for extra power saving features.


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