Whether you are designing a brand new kitchen or renovating an old one, there are some things you should and should not do. This article focuses on the ‘Don’t’ list. Many of us go overboard with planning a perfect kitchen that we forget the basics. It is important to keep some common rules of the thumb in your mind while designing your kitchen. This article highlights a few mistakes people often make as a reminder of things you should not do when you are designing a kitchen.

Mixing the Styles

The kitchen should reflect a single style, be it vintage or contemporary. People are often indecisive about the style they want for their kitchen and end up confusing the styles. Not just the main style of the kitchen, but also the color scheme as well. Sometimes, in order to be creative, people make a wrong color scheme that totally ruins the atmosphere of the kitchen. A kitchen should reflect the personal taste of the owner and has a warm and inviting atmosphere. Pay attention to these things when you are designing your kitchen.

Installing Inappropriate Cabinets

Cabinets make a kitchen useful and function. Making mistakes while choosing cabinets reduces the productivity and storage space of the kitchen. Make sure to install kitchen cupboard carcasses that go up the ceiling as tall cabinets that fall short of the ceiling collect dust and unnecessary accessories. Kitchen unit carcasses and cupboards provide additional storage space especially in small-sized kitchens. It is very important to choose appropriate cabinets that suit the style of your kitchen.

Cluttering the Kitchen

People often make the mistake of installing too many appliances and cabinets in their kitchens which creates a cluttering effect. Filling every wall in the kitchen can make the kitchen look suffocating and dark even when there is sufficient lighting and ventilation system. It is better if you conceal some electronics appliance within cabinets to free up some space. Having one or two walls bare can make the kitchen look well-balance and airy. One thing to should take special account of, is to leave the space above sink empty in order to make washing more easy.

Buying Less Expensive Cabinets

Since the kitchen has a lot of cabinets and drawers, people tend to buy less expensive cabinets in order to reduce the cost. This is most certainly a big mistake because you will use these cabinets every day. Opening and closing the drawers frequently can break the doors if they are made of cheap materials. Make sure to invest in high quality cabinets and shelving if you want your kitchen to last for a long time. Poor quality shelving will need frequent repairs which will ultimately cost you more.

Not Having Countertops around the Oven

This seems like an insignificant thing but having countertops around the oven is really convenient. People don’t even think about this mistake. You can put the hot turkey or whatever you’re making on the countertop immediately after taking it out from the oven. This reduces the chances of injury that might result from reflex actions.

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