So you’ll need a new roofing and want to decide whether to try to reduce your cost by getting the new roofing installed over a current layer associated with roofing. This technique is very common in several areas and several roofing companies don’t see any difficulty with this process and don’t have any problem selling homeowners on the lay-over or even go-over as this method is known as. They tend to be wrong.

5 Main reasons A Lay-Over Or even Go-Over Is really a Bad Concept When Re-Roofing

1. )#) Areas which have or experienced leaks can’t continually be addressed correctly

There is a great chance that the old roofing had some trouble spots including feasible leak places, whether a person noticed all of them or not really. Without tearing from the old roofing and correctly identifying these kinds of trouble places and determining in which the leak was originating from and visiting it is actually impossible to inform what regions of your roof may require some unique attention.

two. )#) Any kind of rotted wood underneath the existing roofing is only going to get even worse

There might be areas which have rotted wooden hiding underneath the old roof covering. These rotted areas have to be identified as well as replaced before a brand new roof is actually installed. Obviously in case your roofing contractor is just doing the lay-over roof covering installation after that these rotted areas will stay covered up in support of get worse since the years continue. Also the actual nails keeping down the actual shingles within areas along with rotted wooden cannot correctly do their own job and you’ve got a much greater risk associated with shingles coming off within those places.

3. )#) Eaves, rakes as well as valleys require special remedy

This is really a big 1. The eaves, rakes as well as valleys of your property need unique attention whenever your home’s roof has been installed. This really is especially essential in cooler climates such as Massachusetts, where we’re located. In the wintertime time the actual eaves of your property are below attack by Nature, whether it’s through glaciers dams, snow develop, or simply the continuous freezing as well as thawing occurring throughout the wintertime season. Whenever a new roofing is correctly installed the actual roofing contractor must put brand new aluminum drip-edge round the entire perimeter of the roof.

Next they have to apply the 3 feet wide portion of ice & drinking water barrier round the perimeter in addition to in any kind of valleys in your roof. They can start to install the brand new roofing. Without tearing from the original roofing there isn’t any way in order to properly install the brand new drip-edge or even ice & drinking water barrier. On the lay-over kind of roofing set up, the roof covering contractor is relying on the current products about the home’s roofing to still depend on par and then handle the wintertime conditions. Frequently the aged products are unsuccessful whether it had been because they’ve outlived their own lifetime, were sub-par to start with, or maybe these were never there to start with (just about all to the latter may be the case along with ice & drinking water barrier).

four. )#) Additional roofing weight isn’t any good with regard to old rafters

One of the most obvious issues with a lay-over re-roof may be the added weight from the extra coating of shingles. On the majority of newer homes this isn’t an concern, however numerous older houses have rafters which are considered small by the current framing requirements. It isn’t uncommon to determine 2×6 rafter techniques on several houses. Now in many situations the 2×6 rafter is actually undersized to start with and you don’t desire to be adding the actual weight of the new roof covering layer along with an aged roofing coating to these types of already small rafter techniques. With more recent roofs utilizing 2×10, 2×12, designed trusses, and so on. the pounds isn’t always just as much of a problem.

5. )#) Smaller roof endurance

Most accountable roofing companies agree that the lay-over roofing will decrease the brand new roof’s life time by regarding 25%. This truth alone implies that any money you may have saved by carrying out a lay-over, instead of a tear-off as well as new roofing install, was merely a short phrase savings. Additionally, you are in possession of 2 levels of roof covering that will have to be removed next time your roof is performed and which will also include more cost towards the job

Tear-Off After that Re-Roof Is definitely Superior

Nicely, I simply gave a person 5 excellent reasons in order to tear away your aged roofing after which install your roof. Yes it may be cheaper for the short term to perform a go-over in your old roofing, but, in the long run it can cost you more. We in no way recommend this method to the customers. We usually recommend totally tearing from the old roof covering, fixing any kind of underlying difficulties, then installing a brand new, beautiful brand new roof which will outlast any kind of lay-over roof in addition to better safeguard our clients’ homes.

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